Buying a property, especially one that needs renovating, is not only a commitment but also one of the most important decisions we take in our lifetime. Whether it be an apartment in a prestigious condominium, a villa in the hills or simply an old farmhouse in the mountains – the paperwork that follows is just as arduous in each case.

Professional agencies, specializing in all kinds of planning procedures, can relieve the stressful nature of this bureaucratic journey.  They can deal with the various council offices, planning departments, banks, authorities and guide you through a series of events, which may seem daunting at times.

However, in order to fully enjoy your purchase, renovation is often necessary – not only to remedy minor faults in the structure, but also and above all to give a personal touch to rooms, maybe to the green areas or just to the external façade.

A good Property/Project Manager can advise you on the various renovation options, basing his/her suggestions on your needs and your aesthetic propensities and preferences.  He/she can recommend the most appropriate use of materials according to the type of structure and its natural surroundings, always trying to apply the golden rule of maintaining the “spirit” of the original construction as much as possible.

How satisfying it is to see a farmhouse immersed in the green of Abruzzo’s woods, re-using, perhaps, ancient tiles to repair the roof or re-planting trees, typical of the area, in the garden.  Your investment is not only based on budget, but is also spiritual.

Not to mention the possibility of a variety of tax deductions:  50% for all of 2019 related to the renovation costs incurred; 65% for the energy requalification of the building; and even the deduction of 50% regarding the purchase of large appliances.  In short, renovation is worthwhile!

A team of experts (plumbers, masons, surveyors, gardeners, etc.) provided by our agency will follow you, make suggestions, help you to renovate your property with extreme skill and reliability so that your investment is complete and yields a return.

After all, our home is the mirror of our soul, of our being what we are, and making it as welcoming as possible, both visually and practically, is the most genuine and, at the same time, the deepest form of satisfaction we can experience.  Renovation can provide us with a very personal gift.