Since last spring, Italy and step by step the rest of the world have seen themselves hit by a dramatic pandemic. The Covid 19 virus forced us to take restrictive measures never seen before. For the safety of all, it was necessary to limit the freedom of movement and crowd, the possibility of socializing and a generalized lockdown was imposed, which paralysed the economy of many countries, including Italy.

Urban centers have become possible outbreaks of infections, meeting places (bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters) closed or with very limited access; in these cases the best and safest solution is to move away from potential outbreaks and what better solution than to buy or renovate a beautiful country house in a region like Abruzzo, which can offer a range of extremely varied solutions. Whether you like the hills, the mountains, the small characteristic villages or the seaside villages, our Region is able to satisfy every landscape and health safety needs.

In this tragic period, governments have seen force themselves to launch various measures, aimed at increasing all the building and energy renovation of residential houses with a decree so-called “RELAUNCH DECREE” DL 34 of 19-May-2020, in which the Government grants numerous of facilitations to those who decide, in this period, to increase, for example:

  • the energy efficiency of buildings: thermal insulation of opaque surfaces for an amount of expenditure not exceeding 60,000 €;
  • replacement of winter air conditioning systems with centralized heating systems and supplies of condensing hot water with efficiency equal to class A;
  • installation of photovoltaic systems and related storage systems (maximum deductible cost 48,000 €);
  • recovery or restoration of the facade of the buildings and any other energy efficiency job, that is carried out jointly with one of the above.

A deduction equal to 110% of the expenses incurred and documented is applied with the possibility of converting it into a discount on the tax declaration by the company who can recover it in the form of a tax credit. This is therefore the time to buy and renovate, combining the possibility of great savings, modernization of the property and the enjoyment of the unique places and landscapes of the green Abruzzo, a region that has always been considered the greenest region of Europe even if well connected with the rest of the country.

Dott. Sergio A. Morales, MBA

CEO Property Management Abruzzo