Today owning a house, a villa or an apartment in Abruzzo offers the opportunity to live in the greenest region of Europe, in fact this territory hosts several national parks, nature reserves and protected areas, without forgetting the cities and towns of art, rich in ancient ruins and medieval villages.

In this beautiful region, within an hour you can go from the sunny beaches of the Adriatic to the cool slopes of the Apennines up to well-equipped ski resorts, passing through wooded hills and agricultural areas with beautiful olive groves.

Naturally, the rhythm of life in Abruzzo, being the territory devoted to nature and the anthropic impact quite balanced, is completely devoid of the stress typical of metropolises, life flows quietly, the native peoples still have, for the most part, the ancient hospitable spirit of their predecessors. In short, a great bath of serenity and tranquillity.

It is for all these reasons that the summer just passed saw a record of tourist presences in Abruzzo after two years of restrictions that have thrown us all into a phase of depression and with a great desire to start over.

The requests for accommodation in our region were so numerous that, unfortunately, in many cases it was difficult to satisfy them all; according to a calculation by the entities responsible for regional tourism, in the summer of 2022 about three hundred beds were lacking in the Vestina area alone (Penne, Loreto Aprutino, Farindola, Montebello, Vestea, Civitella Casanova) and therefore the tourists were forced to find accommodation in other areas.

It would therefore be an excellent investment opportunity for those who already own a house in the area or intend to buy one, organize a reception facility in their property at certain times of the year, renting for short or long periods, rooms or the entire property for groups and families of tourists.

The trend of domestic and international tourism is on the rise again, both in summer and in winter, so why not take advantage of it? Making a profit from a property that may remain unused for a good part of the year, while still generating expenses and costs, is undoubtedly a smart and winning move.

Our company, of course, is at your complete disposal for any bureaucratic, structural and maintenance needs.