The “Property Manager” professional

The professional figure of the “property manager” in Italy is relatively new, born to meet the increasingly detailed needs of the local and foreign real estate market.

The role of the property manager is delicate and very important at the same time: he addresses both those who already owners of a property and those who want to invest in the market.

For this dual mission, obviously, various articulated skills are necessary, as well as a vast experience of the internal and foreign real estate market. In short, a complete multifaceted professional who can suggest, help, advise in different areas: finance, architecture, management, engineering, economy.

He will be able to identify the best use, the best sale and possibly the best profitability of the property, as well as provide qualified maintenance staff, restyling competences, restructuring of the property, assisted by a team of professionals and consultants.

This professional figure becomes essential for foreigners who want to buy a property in Italy where, obviously, the British, Dutch or Russian citizen may not know how to move in the intricate jungle of the laws, rules and regulations that apply in our country. Also for foreigners who may not speak Italian, is not easy to carry out activities like make relations with banks or with maintenance and restructuring services providers.

Property Management Abruzzo understands how important it is to choose the figure of the property manager with the utmost attention since it will replace the owner in many negotiations and will guarantee a constant presence and specific professionalism for the reference market.

Italy has a great tradition in the field of construction. It is also considered as one of the European countries with a very important and varied availability of properties. However, a property management approach was not developing until a few years ago, when the property manager figure appeared in Italy.

This professional has become very accurate, updated and able to solve the problems of those who want to buy a property on the Italian territory. The twenty-first century is becoming more and more the era of specialization in all fields because the world has become, for better or worse, a global village. To meet the complex needs of this village it is essential to have a deep knowledge of the subject to be addressed. This is what the modern “property manager” does: a specialist in the real estate world.

Currently, the ability to face the complex management problems that decisively characterize the real estate market is a critical point for strengthening the market by making investments and more generally, to create more conveniently conditions for building.

It is clear, at this point, that anyone who wants to have the pleasure of owning a house, an apartment, a villa in this beautiful country as Italy can not and must not fail to rely on the most suitable professional, thus avoiding to run the risk of investing his savings in properties that do not fit his needs and off-market prices.

The experience, reliability, courtesy and the availability of the professional in the management of real estate are guarantees for a successful outcome of many dreams: the purchase and full enjoyment of a property in Italian territory, whether in the Toscana or Abruzzo hills, villages, cities of art or Alpine lakes.

In conclusion, we have to add the last but perhaps most important quality of the modern property manager: passion. It is the passion for this really demanding profession that makes men and women involved in this management extremely attentive to details, extremely perceptive to the needs of the client, always updated on the real estate situations of the territory.

Passion is the “engine” that moves all the gears, which makes us what we are, that gives the basis to professionalism and encourages the professional to do better and with ever greater competence.

Relying on a professional is the only way, today and tomorrow, to solve and deal with the most diverse problems related to properties, especially when it comes to the investment of a capital, big or small. In the real estate field the property manager is the professional of the moment, indispensable and reliable.

Dott. Sergio A. Morales, MBA
CEO Property Management Abruzzo