Abruzzo, with its green hills, lush meadows, fertile valleys and sandy shores, is home to a multitude of architecturally interesting buildings: farmhouses, farms, refuges, often abandoned and in ruins.

Masterpieces of great cultural value from a bygone era are revived through painstaking renovation, to become liveable once again within their original natural setting, worthy of investment.

Investment has been great in the renovation of these ancient dwellings, usually of peasant farmers and shepherds.  They represent a fascinating adventure through the recovery and revival of houses whose walls speak of past times and whose roots sink into our most genuine experience.

Buildings, therefore, that deserve all the respect that is due to “elderly gentlemen” and that is why it is good to reuse the original materials in their renovation, which also represents a certain saving in the general expenditure, whilst respecting the environment in which the farmhouses are immersed, making them an integral part of it.

A beautiful farmhouse or a simple farmhouse, restored harmoniously through the so-called conservation restoration that preserves the original aesthetic aspect of the property, is the best business card for starting a country activity or maybe just enjoying the tranquillity and the beauty of one of the many wonderful views of nature that our Abruzzo still offers us.

This is the spirit with which our company faces renovations and maintenance work, without however giving up on the customization of the work, completing and updating in accordance with market demands.

By way of example, Bumo Villa is a beautiful property, located in one of the best places in Abruzzo where nature is still uncontaminated, boasting fabulous panoramic views that can be appreciated when visited.

It was designed by a famous Dutch architect and inspired by Japanese Imperial palaces and developed by a team of Venezuelan and Italian idealists from Abruzzo.

Access is gained via a private road, which runs directly to the villa, its backyard bordering on the Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga, encapsulating extreme privacy. From all angles inside the house, the beautiful surroundings can be appreciated thanks to its 55 windows. The only way to experience the uniqueness of this property is to come and see it.

The structure has been designed to offer complete relaxation within different environments, which change in every corner of the property.  In short, it can be enjoyed to the full in different scenarios: amongst family, during parties and holidays, etc.

The major attention has been dedicated to the structure and the finishing of the structure with the use of high quality materials, with special energy efficiency qualities.  The level of attention to detail applied to the construction of this property is hard to find nowadays and it is this that renders it unique.

The property nears completion and its interior will be left unfinished, so that its new owner has the opportunity to finish it as he or she pleases, putting his or her own stamp on the finished product through personal choice of materials, such as heating and electrics, tiles, tiling, sanitary ware, doors etc.

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Dott. Geometra Sergio A. Morales, MBA