Abruzzo is a region of central Italy, called the “green region of Europe” for its countryside still in natural state, national parks, home for unique species of plant and animal, mountains, lakes and its coastal pinewoods.
The largely man-made land is world-renowned for its olive groves, the steep flanks of the numerous hills covered with vineyards, producing varieties of grape, producing excellent wines. Abruzzo remains “green” and full of historical evidence: from the remains of ancient pre Roman city, the imposing ruins of what was the powerful city of Rome, stunning medieval castles, through hermitages and monasteries set in mountain scenery like tales.
Another centre of attraction is undoubtedly the typical Abruzzo cuisine with its centuries-old history of sheep farming, that has been able to invent entire menus, focused on the use of sheep meat, milk and cheese, like “Arrosticini”, Fossa cheese, soups and sauces (famous is the sauce from L’Aquila with beef marrow, saffron, eggs and butter), all accompanied by the spectacular “Montepulciano d’Abruzzo”, a red wine typical Abruzzo areas.
It is obvious that with this cornucopia of natural and historical treasures, the Abruzzo is one of the favourite Italian regions by the large sectors of international tourism. The tendency of recent years is, however, changing; it has gone from classic tourism: hotels, camping etc. … to something that goes far beyond the “hit and run” casual tourist.
Today EU citizens not only try, real estate investments in our region: houses, farmhouses, castles, villas for renovation but also to become seasonal residence or fully resident.
German, Russian, English and lately Dutch, Belgians, Scandinavians, Americans. Each of them with their own preferences: Swedish and Norwegian ready to settle in town centres British and Irish prefer the rural areas in the hills better if planted with olive trees; Dutch and Belgians tend to look for large spaces and quiet on the hills or the mountains and finally the Americans prefer to settle in towns with distinct characteristics of art and history.
In recent years the sale of houses and real estate to foreigners has increased by about 3% and Abruzzo according to the US newspaper “Huffington Post” ranks among the 21st best places in the world to spend the elderly.
The type of what potential customers seek varies: 86% are looking for individual houses and apartments around 14%, while 75% of the offers relate to houses up to EUR 250,000 in value. The luxury real estate segment with over 500,000 euro is still an important voice, and the share is 12%.
The most popular areas are naturally those hills and mountains including the towns of Penne, Caramanico, Citta Sant’Angelo, Abbateggio, offering nature, agricultural landscapes, including historic villages of particular beauty and special events during spring / summer.
In conclusion we can clearly say that Abruzzo is a prime destination for property investments by foreign citizens and industry insiders, we must strive to make known to the world the beauty of this rugged and beautiful land in addition to the economic advantages on investments. Abruzzo, the green region of Europe, friendly, warmly and rich of history, attached to its secular traditions, is perhaps the last area of Europe where the antiquity, nature and modern come together in harmony and peace.

Dott. Geometra Sergio A. Morales, MBA