We know Italy has always been the destination of excellent visitors of the nineteenth century Gran Tour, where many foreign artists and writers, including Goethe, Byron, Shelley, and Dumas visited our country during the nineteenth century.
We know that even today Italy is one of the favourite destinations of modern world tourism and it is obvious why: art, history, archaeology, nature, beaches, mountains, excellent food and excellent wines. The latest trends, however, point to a new aspect, we can say an evolution of simple tourism of “coming and going”: the propensity of many foreigners to select our country as either their stable or temporary residence.
The statistics speak clearly and indicate that the trend is growing and that among the preferred resorts, there is Abruzzo, which is definitely chosen for its nature, to be the “green region” of Italy, for its serenity and beauty of its villages, the charm of its long beaches, equipped for all class tourism, the ability to reach ski resorts in a short time, we add to the quality of life, the “purity” of the air and last but not least, the character a bit harsh but very heartfelt and immense humanity of the Abruzzo population, and it is easy to understand the
preference that the various Americans, British, Dutch, and Russians give to Abruzzo as their new home.
Of course, those who decide to stay in the mountains and in the hills of Abruzzo will have to face some difficulties; The people of Northern Europe are not familiarized with the bureaucratic shortages and to the typical Italian disorganization, the almost insurmountable labyrinths of permits, stamps, licenses and banners, but the will to live between our natural and human beauty, apparently, manages to overcome all these incidents and finally get to the coveted destination.
Yes, admit it, that worth the risk: Abruzzo opens its welcoming arms and gives it to those who want to love it, to those who can capture the poetry of its landscapes, the quiet of its villages and the humanity of its people.
Relying on a serious and professional team is the solution, a technician who is able to solve situations that helps from the very first steps in choosing and following the purchase of the house, who can advise on the most strictly technical features of the property, recognizes the praises and defects and ultimately, but not least, recognizes the territorial areas in keeping most with the needs of customers.
Today, the market offers many highly professional figures of this type, men and women who will follow the customer in the technical/bureaucratic labyrinths of the “Bel Paese”, speaking fluently English, Spanish, Russian or German. The Italian real estate market, and in particular the Abruzzo region, is rich in offers of real opportunities to be able to conclude a good deal, and given that investment is usually quite important, the whole transition must be followed by a professional to reach the maximum benefit possible by the buyer.
In conclusion, Abruzzo opens its green arms to all those who intend to re-evaluate the region with small or large real estate investments and, in addition to its natural and cultural beauties, also high professionalism and commercial technical seriousness. It’s worth the risk, don’t you think?!

Dott. Geometra Sergio A. Morales, MBA