Renovation services

Buying a property, especially one that needs renovating, is not only a commitment but also one of the most important decisions we take in our lifetime. Whether it is an apartment in a prestigious condominium, a villa in the hills or simply an old farmhouse in the mountains – the paperwork that follows is just as arduous in each case.
During the last years, many owners have taken the decision to improve (renovate) their properties. However, things do not always go the best route.

I. Our properties renovation services are intended to advise, develop and execute the renovation/restructuring project in all its stages:

    • Advice on property restructuring based on local regulations and requirements in order to achieve local council approvals.
    • The development of the project (from the definition of client’s requirements, through the structural design, the selection of new materials and maximizing existing recoverable materials, times and budget);
    • The presentation and application of permits to the respective authorities;
    • The management of the renovation (budget and time control);
    • Advice for selecting special service contractors restructuring properties;
    • The execution of the restructuring until the turnkey delivery of the property.

II. All this based on the regulations and standards that exist in the territory

As examples of our work we invite you to visit this link.

III. Other renovation services are:

  • Technical assistance to improve restructuring costs, energy efficiency;
  • Assistance for medium and larger property renovations;
  • Renovation progress reporting;
  • Provide a team of professional contractors for repairs and remodelling the property;
  • Advice about proper furnishing providers.