Buying your dream property in Abruzzo. “The process”.

Property Management Abruzzo advise you in every step of the buying and investment process, ensuring some degree of serenity, when you purchase a property. In this section you will be able to know the steps of the process to acquire a property in Abruzzo.

I. Search properties.

Property Management Abruzzo has a list of agent contacts (some of which will be listed below this section), throughout all the Abruzzo territory.

We will support you in the following aspects:

We can arrange an investing trip on our territory. We have a number of associates that provide lodging, gastronomy and tourism services.

Lodging and Tourism Service Partners

We advise you in every element of the buying and investment process, ensuring some degree of serenity, when you purchase a property.

We act as your mediator in these activities, and will personally assist you throughout the evaluation and selection of your desired property, including finding the most suitable (according to your specific requirements) like location, price, type (apartments in downtown or villages, prestigious houses, villas, farms, etc.) and technical issues.

II. Evaluation of properties.

We have the experience and knowledge to arrange qualified technical reports to examine the state of the selected property. The report contains, among others, the following elements:

surveying aspects,

compliance and urban planning,

building permits,

verifying property titles,

the presence of any mortgages, liens, etc.

III. Make the offer and preliminary contract.

Property Management Abruzzo will assist you throughout the negotiations to reach an agreed price, using the market information and indicators, and relevant aspects derived by the evaluation of the properties.

At this time, your will of purchase can be expressed by a letter of interest or a preliminary contract. We have close relations with several Notaries who can elaborate the preliminary contract. Payment of the deposit is required at this point as detailed in the preliminary contract.

All documents written in Italian? We have the translation service from English, Spanish and Russian languages.

IV. Purchase commitment and final contract.

The final contract is drawn up with all interested parties within the presence of the chosen Notary.

The contract is read carefully to ensure that all parties agree and that the seller has provided the purchaser with all certificates of compliance referring to relevant building, plumbing and electrical regulations. We will assist you with our qualify surveyors on the technical side, who will ensure that all the correct documentation is draw up.

Balance of the purchase funds, notary fees, commission of real estate agent, and other assistance fees are paid at this time.

Additional information, about buying and selling properties in Italy, is available in this document (Italian-buying-guide) (elaborated by FIAIP, Federazione Italiana Agenti Immobiliari Professionali).